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Sometimes I look for a part time remote job from my home with following requirements:

Activity - programming of:

  • Scripts for Linux, Windows and Cloud service administration and provisioning of resources
  • Automation and integration of third party software
  • Windows GUI to manage scripts on any platform via SSH
  • Data conversion and transformation utilities

TAX depends on the country of a customer, for all countries except Russia the TAX is 13%. For Russia add social tax.
Fixed rate projects are NOT acceptable.
Load: 10-20 Hours/Week.
The customer require to be a business entity and shall provide a proof on request, individuals are not acceptable.
Minimum length of the contract: 6 months. I prefer to avoid small  projects because they divert me from interesting stable long term projects.

Contract texts are available on request.

All payments are paid out to me as exclusive software license fees and are NOT REFUNDABLE under any reason. The cost of each license is calculated based on the amount of time spent to work on that milestone. I do not accept fixed price projects.

I can provide not obligatory estimates of time needed to complete some milestones. No warranty is given for such estimates, they are provided only for approximated guess on work amount expected and  very approximated delivery date. Absolutely no warranty is given on such estimates.

All rights in and to the Aulix.Common7 library are reserved by Alexander Prokopyev. The customer is granted only a simple non-exclusive license for Aulix.Common7 library fragments used in his project. It is up to customer to choose whether extensions to Aulix.Common7 library done during his project are open sourced under LGPL or licensed to him under a single proprietary license.

Software Licenses:
I have a legal licensed working place with MS and DevExpress DXP stack v2008 and v2013&2014. If any additional special licenses are needed they should be provided by the customer.

Prohibited areas of work: spam, porno, fishing, gambling, and anything illegal.

Work relationships may be terminated without any reason by any party provided other party is notified in two weeks. All left owed payments shall be payed to me in such case.

About Rellocation:

  1. I do NOT want to rellocate anywhere if it makes any debt to me or makes my house less comfortable or my monthly house bill more expensive!
  2. If you still want to rellocate me then following are ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENTS:
    1. It shall be a place with a good and mild sea or ocean climate with a lot of reach IT companies there from those I can select a suitable one.
    2. You MUST cover all the expenses related to rellocation inluding a copy of my house, environment, all my things and time of the best specialists to configure them. It means I shall not notice a rellocation when being in a house, but ouside of the house it shall be a good sea climate.
  3. If you find the terms 2.1) and/or 2.2) unreallistic or not easy for you then please LOOK AGAIN at the term 1), you will find a very reallistic anwer there.


An excerpt from Aulix.Common7 proprietary license terms:

The "AULIX.COMMON7" means an independent from the APPLICATION, self-sufficient
software product created by the AUTHOR. All AULIX.COMMON7 rights are reserved by
the AUTHOR. The AULIX.COMMON7 serves different purposes including (but not
limited to) improvement of data access and GUI. The COMPANY understands and
accepts that the APPLICATION is not the only program using Aulix.Common7 software,
Aulix.Common7 software is universal, self-sufficient program, AULIX.COMMON7 is
used in several other programs not related to the COMPANY.
The AULIX.COMMON7 is protected by Russian and international copyright laws, it is
entered into the ROSPATENT registry of computer programs and Library of Congress
in the USA.
This AGREEMENT does not cover license terms for the AULIX.COMMON7 software.
The AUTHOR licenses AULIX.COMMON7 to the COMPANY under another simple non-
exclusive license agreement ACX2013 which is different from this AGREEMENT.
AULIX.COMMON7 software does not follow a fate of the APPLICATION.



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