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DotNet programming - EpmSolutions.com Learning Management System


It is proprietary software exclusivelly licensed to the epmsolutions.com company.
It uses many of Aulix.com (Alexander's)  components which are licensed to the epmsolutions.com under a simple non-exclusive licenses.


Just as with a live classroom, you have access to a private hands-on computer environment, instructor-
led lectures and demonstrations, and interaction with the instructor in a discussion forum. All course
materials, including student class manual and student lab instructions, are available at your fingertips in
convenient Adobe PDF format.
Unlike a live class, you can access your learning environment remotely from the comfort of your own
computer. You may work through the class at your own pace (you’ll have 30 days to complete the labs),
and are free to move back and forth in the materials as you wish. The videos can be paused, rewound,
and fast forwarded as needed and you’ll have access to them for a full year.

To see full sized screenshots, please follow through the links in gallery about 3 times, it is a features of the CMS :)

Admin GUI 2013

These are screenshots of the latest version of the administration GUI

Admin GUI 2011

These are screenshots of the admin GUI as of state in 2011

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