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Student Web GUI 2011 · By: Admin

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It uses a "shim" feature of IE which makes it possible to display it over TS ActiveX correct.

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Uploaded on: 26-October-2013 09:35
Views: 1841
Privacy: Public
Available Resolutions 800 1024 1600 2880
More Details
PixelsPerUnitX: 7200
BackgroundColor: 255 255 255
FileModifyDate: 2013:10:26 03:35:15+00:00
ImageWidth: 563
PixelsPerUnitY: 7200
GreenX: 0.3
Filter: Adaptive
BitDepth: 8
SRGBRendering: Perceptual
Interlace: Noninterlaced
Compression: Deflate/Inflate
RedX: 0.64
FileSize: 313 kB
datemodify: 2013-10-26T03:35:15+00:00
MIMEType: image/png
PixelUnits: Meters
RedY: 0.33
WhitePointY: 0.329
FileType: PNG
ColorType: RGB
GreenY: 0.6
datecreate: 2013-10-26T03:35:15+00:00
ExifToolVersion: 8.60
FilePermissions: rw-r--r--
Gamma: 2.2
FileName: 8.png
ImageHeight: 700
BlueX: 0.15
WhitePointX: 0.3127
ImageSize: 563x700
BlueY: 0.06

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