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EPM Solutions 2014 - Greg Winterhalter

We worked together with project manager Mr. Winterhalter since 2003 till 2013. His profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=20359070

Greg Winterhalter executed his management duties very well, very loyal to MS product line. I worked as a programmer. Unfortunately I could not always choose the best compeeting tool if MS's one was still too young in its early development phase.

Greg always paid to me all owed sums, but unfortunately last time he was late by about a half of the year with a total sum. According to his words it is the best he could do and we mutually agreed when I became aware  of this unexpected at least for me force majeure issue. Earlier he paid always in time till 2013 year.

Above is the only reason why a single payment to my sublicensor was divided into four parts. I would never divide it on my own willing, it was related to the licensee financial sitation according to his words. So from an accounting point of view this can be treated as an occasional rare single payment equal to the total of several parts since I do not work as a programmer full time or permanently, I used to program for EPM Solutions only in the evening after my daily job.

Another issue with Greg Winterhalter he did not answer e-mail letters when a payment problem occurred. My sublicensor issued licenses for the software (EPM learning management system) in an electronical form as attachments to the software electronical package transferred via electronical Internet channel. According to Russian laws such licenses are not a  subject for a customs taxation. Greg promised to send hard copies of the attached electronical licenses to my sublicensor but delayed the documents for the whole one year. Greg did not answer to e-mail messages of the sublicensor about hard copies, hope Greg is doing well.

As a conclusion I would suggest to always get a prepay from Greg, better 100% or at least 50% in advance, otherwise you are at risk with delayed payments without your interest covered. He delayed a half of payment to me for a whole year, though it brought me some profit from currency rate correction.

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