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General organization of my work

1) You prepare and send requirements

2) I review requirements and collect a set of questions:

a. If something needs clarification.

b. If several ways of implementation are available for those, I expect you would like to make a decision.

3) You review the updated version of requirements and make changes if required.

4) I plan the architecture and implementation, dividing the project into functional parts and prepare approximated time estimate and schedule.

5) Estimate is sent to you for review and acceptance.

6) If estimate accepted, I start working on implementation.

7) I report required person about what functional parts or features have been completed everyday. Generally, it includes some questions, which appear during development about improvements and new ideas.

8) I constantly test the program during development and when milestone completed. It is very helpful if someone on your side tests the program and e-mail me desired corrections and improvements after the program is updated on the web server for testing. Generally, the program on the server for testing is updated after one or several daily reports sent.

9) Sometimes discussion using instant messenger is desirable when the decision depends on many “if … then..” and it is better to know several consequent answers at once. I am online during all working time and available to answer your question without additional assignment for appointment. Trillian from http://www.ceruleanstudios.com is a good program for online discussion. It includes integrated encryption, which works over ICQ or AIM networks. If you would like to receive a batch of several questions over messenger at a specific predefined time, we can assign an appointment using e-mail.

10) After the milestone is completed, I update documentation. It includes the topics you require. Generally, it is an overview of implementation and detailed information about setup procedure and user guide. If more details required I do which is required.

11) If new features (absent is estimate) have been added during development I log time for them. I can send estimate for them before implementation if it takes considerable time.

12) Results are tested.

13) After payment done for the milestone, I transfer the source code for that milestone and the process repeats for the next milestone starting from step 7 until whole project completes. Maximum milestone length is 100 hours and generally includes a completed block of functionality.

14) When all milestones for the project completed the whole project is tested and deployed.

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