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Integrate AllSubmitter, KeyCollector, ZennoPoster templates

Amount of Licenses:

  • 5 (five) for the first initial consultant who helped us to do a brainstorming. He is already found.
  • 1 single (one) license for an additional matchabled qualified consultant which we are still looking for.

Due to the necessity to promote my website, I was going to try ZenBLOG, but not sure whether to use it, because new blogs hardly well ranked. So I'm going to try different gold case - a success story in progress from the so-called gray and black SEO.

I would like to automate as much as possible in the process of promoting to organic TOP 10 at least for low frequency queries.

Preferably, if the result is a fully automated tool for promoting with minimum need for human intervention and it uses only free "eternal" backlinks.

It should not be just posting profieley on various websites, forums, free hosts, social networks, etc. Of course, the tool must create backlinks on such resources, but after some auto analysis.

I do not want to create a fully independent software product from scratch, because it's too much work and a waste of time for a programmer without a funding. Instead, I would like to integrate the best ready-made software SEO tools available on the market today, and use them as a foundation to build a program. From my point of view, the best such programs are:

    AllSubmitter (AS) - identifies and shows the history of the positions in the search engines, many analysis features and great fast first time manual registration mode for further automation.

    KeyCollector (KC) - a leader of software for building a semantic core, then you can still polish results in AS.

    ZennoPoster (ZP) - after we collected analysis data we can automate all the manual work to create a backlink mass. Zeno can be run from our program in automation mode like MS Office automation.

To implement this idea I need a help of a SEO expert to verify the feasibility of methods of promotion. You can see it as an exchange of services: Tips for SEO in exchange for a license to get the program.

My programming skills can be viewed at

I am a registered user AllSubmitter, KeyCollector and ZennoPoster. I have experience in digging AllSubmitter database and creating templates for ZenoPoster . I would like to integrate these three wonderful and probably the best product in the field of SEO software. AllSubmitter, KeyCollector use generic databases to store input and output data, as well as automated ZenoPoster which can be treated as a single entity with our program at least in technical terms. Ie the resulting program can work with all processed data via a public database, and store their configuration information, and execution plans in itw own database, such as PostgreSQL.

At first we could cooperate to create simple templates for the implementation of relatively simple methods of promotion and, if successful, can increase the complexity of the system with a proportional increase in returns (increase of traffic). As a result, you are a SEO Specialist get a simple, non-exclusive license to perpetual version of closed-source program for installation on agreed in advance amount of  any computers with the ability to transfer (move) to other computers if necessary. Program will have open source snippets for the user to change the program without its complete rebuilding. The latest version available to you is determined by the completion date of our cooperation. Cooperation can stop by any party at any time upon notice to the other party about it by e-mail within two weeks before the end of cooperation. After that, the user can still maintain site aware scripts up to date on your own because the scripts will be open.

I keep exclusive rights in and to the program, the source code and as an author goverrn allowed methods of using it.

Please do not attempt to load me by tasks that do not create a significant promotion effect or tasks not related to the topic of the proposal. For long-term mutually beneficial cooperation to be successful I need to see a good positive trend to promote my site by this program. Given the relatively rich feature set of the software package AS-KC-ZP, I guess our first tests will take some time to write them, but they will have a significant competitive advantage through the use of ready-made programs for our foundation. Please do not offer to pay for the work to get more rights to the program, the license terms shall not have any major changes, only very minor changes are allowed.

Benefits derived from SEO expert:

    Save the cost of their valuable time on the promotion of (your specific methods)
    reduce the number of manual errors by minimizing routine actions in the automation
    use the services of a programmer without payment by him of money (do not need to hire someone, be it a job)
    No need to buy a very expensive type of software licenses DevExpress, Visual Studio, etc.

Benefits derived from the programmer - me:

    Ready to use methods of promotion without going into all the details of SEO without spending their time on study

I expect from you:

    Description of your way of moving that you would like to automate
    When ready beta version a few days after getting home from you describe (ala those. Task) you install it on your virtual machine and try to move this utility. You can organize the testing on my virtual machine to which you will connect remotely to her already licensed AS, KC, ZP
    Send me an e-mail list of improvements that you would like to see in the program, and again, go to step 2.

ie path of development - an evolutionary

Does this offer look interesting to someone

please contact me at info {[@@@]} aulix.com or IM at: http://aulix.com/contact

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