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July 2014 - Recent News !

Please support the developers to complete 8th version of this fantastic software, it is the only real CMS I ever seen (I've tried about 20 CMSs including different nuke toys, WordPress, jumlas/mambos and other PHP crap, even forever buggy typo3, some commercial JVM based monsters with my lovely hibernate data link)  and there is no even the most expensive one which could provide the same WebGUI flexibility, ease of use and power at the same time. And still WebGUI is free GPL!

Dont be fooled by nice looking shiny PHP toys, look into the core and a feature set. WebGUI is unique diamond of a human thought.

You can take any beautiful template from monster templates site to make WebGUI looking like a miss CMS of the universe if needed.


Professional programmers already have spent tens of years of man work hours to build CMS for your site, just to save your priceless valuable time!

We offer you to try a FREE (OpenSource GPL) site builder WebGUI (content management system - CMS). It brings a seldom combination of ease and power to a webmaster and a great SEO optimized experience to visitors of your website.

You can find more WebGUI HTML templates here (FREE of charge) 
And since you learn WebGUI template system it is easy to integrate any existing commercial HTML template done by a professional designer for example from TemplateMonster.com

WebGUI CMS version running on our server: 7.10.28 stable

Price, $USD

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Amount of the websites 1 2 3
Disk Space in MB 500 7000 10000
Internet Traffic in GB 50 250 550
WebGUI localization for your native language, if it is available from the Vendor.
Now installed: English, Dutch and Spanish
Reliable Firewall Protection
Daily rsync backups to a remote ZFS storage
ZFS snapshots keep 2 months of your changes
Recovery of your data to an earlier state from ZFS snapshots on your demand If switched to Standard plan
Additional macroses like ^Flash from WebGUI.org community
Allocation of additional resources like sites, space and traffic. We charge proportionally with discounts
Run any earlier version of WebGUI if your site did not upgrade smoothly on another hosting (we can run any number of versions)
Professional upgrades to the latest stable version of WebGUI
Migration to us from any other WebGUI hosting
If you decide to leave us we provide a prorated refund and always welcome you back
Money back on your request during first 30 days
  • WebGUI initial installation is relativelly complex and requires an attention of a skilled Linux admin. Here we are to help you, we have a narrow specialization to host WebGUI CMS with its addons, plugins, unusual configurations, etc.
  • Hosting as a service is formaly provided free of charge and we only charge for a software license only for remote use of scripts to manage your sites.
  • For security reasons we examine and verify your account before provisioning of your website in our hosting.
  • For an additional fee we can develop simple WebGUI Macroses consisting of a few lines of code for you, for example we have made a NoIndex macro to exclude WebGUI pages with noCache parameter from Google index which cannot be done by robots.txt. Development fee is twice less if the Macro is placed only on our server exclusivelly without sharing corresponding source code.
  • It is very profitable for existing WebGUI users to migrate to our server because they can continue to get new macroses on demand and greately save on our low hosting fees due to a very high quality affordable cloud hosting.
  • Here you can read about the most reliable datacenter we use for hosting of your very important sites
  • Beginner Plan is a promotional offer and  is available only as a single account per a person. It is not allowed for the same person to register several accounts for the only purpose of saving by getting multiple Beginner Plans.
  • The terms on this page are NOT an irrevocable offer.


Create  your sites together with WebGUI and you will be always fond of your website, it is unthinkable to find a better site builder than WebGUI even for a higher price.


WebGUI Hosting Script Licenses since 2006


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