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WebGUI SEO Optimizer

Say you have a website running on WebGUI CMS and you would like to promote it more by having more article and get more SEO traffic.

I think we can mutate already existing WebGUI pages according to statistics got from an an analytics programs like Yazzle

So we get key phrases and corresponding pages of my sites for the phrases from Yazzle and then automatically create WebGUI shortcuts with SEO optimized pages.

Expected optimizations:

1) Title, meta and url updated to sync with a corresponding key phrase
2) Original text of an article should be slightly mutated automatically
3) Add more key phrases into different areas of already mutated pages, amount of additions shall be optimized for Google and Yandex individually like an automatic sape.ru estimation tool suggests
4) Add an automatic JavaScript redirection from a mutated page to the original one to avoid bothering valuable visitors with a SEO optimized content targetted only to search engines
5) The area of the website where shortcuts with overriden content for key phrases can be hidden from visitors, so the only method to enter this area can be a search engine

The program can be a client side Windows + DevExpress application which connect to WebGUI MySQL database via encrypted channel and does required optimizations.

If you like the idea please contact us.

Please let us know your opinion

What do you think about this idea?

I would even pay for updates per year with a perpetual license if not updated
It will work for sure, I need it very much, but only free of charge
I know a competitor
It will not work as expected
It is a rubbish

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